Mystery School of Miracles:

New Earth Healer &

Light Priestess Training

Initiation into the White Sisterhood of Mary Magdalene 

& Temple Healing Arts of Goddess Isis

4-week Online Level 1 Training in June 

The Light Priestess and Healer Training is designed to reactivate your healing powers and skills so you may become a divine channel of light for the new earth and humanity, anchoring the divine light into the hearts of those around you.


As a Light Priestess and Healer, you learn to step aside from your ego, emotions and patterns in order to let the divine mother and light beings work through you. More and more will take full ownership and responsibility for your healing powers with the intention to bring the light through you. 


The training will help you to reconnect with your divine truth and to develop the confidence to share your truth with the world. You will liberate your soul and experience your infinite potential. You will become a healing artist, expressing your divine individuality for the highest good of the earth. 


Crystallized: Atlantis Soul Codes Activation

The embodiment of your divine self

October 5th - 9th, 2020 // 5PM - 7:30/8 PM CET/IBIZA TIME

The new Crystalline Soul Codes of Humanity are waiting to be received in order to create a crystal grid for our New Earth in synchronization with our galaxy. Our galaxy is turning into a new energy of divine harmony. The old cycle of the old paradigm of humanity will close and a new crystal light will enter our planet and our hearts. This program will be fully channeled from the crystalline cosmic Goddess Isis, angelic crystal beings, the Atlantis Priestess Council and the water beings, the Wales, mermaid, and dolphins.


The Atlantis Goddess is calling us to reconnect and to realign with our crystalline consciousness. In Atlantis times we were blessed with many gifts of manifestation and telepathy. We lived in a sacred priestess hood and shares the treasures of the stars. Ibiza is also a part of Atlantis and here we can connect deeper with the star conscious of our angelic star being.

The new Golden Age is arising and all souls are called to connect with its original crystalline frequency of the universal creative powers. The clear and pure frequency of crystals has the right power to move you between time and space in such a lightness and clarity so your soul purpose can unfold very easily. When your heart is becoming a rose crystal you are in synchronization of the one loving cosmic heart of all existence. We open for the crystalline structure of your soul in order to bring you back into harmony and realignment with your super soul and all souls.

The new Sacred Union Codes for Humanity

Call in your beloved. Be the new beloved, Step up into the New Codes of Sacred Union. The new Sacred Union Codes of Golden Light of the New Earth of the New Humanity are here now. Receive the Code Activation of the Age. 

We've been in the Golden Union Portal Stargate since the 11:11 Gateway in November preparing us to receive the New Codes. May 1st has been shown to be our Portal Gateway bringing in the New Codes of Sacred Union. This day throughout the ages has been a celebration of Union. Beltaine, Sacred Marriage, Fertility Ceremonies and blessings to Mother Earth. All these divine rituals and ceremonies have kept this sacred energy of union alive through time.

We are called to look deeper into the one loving heart. Healing all aspects of the sacred feminine and masculine and to now receive the New Codes of Sacred Union. This Sacred Symbol is now opening its temple doors. 

The New Codes of Union are now gridded on earth and within Gaia and are resurrecting within you and within humanity. You are the Bridge of Golden Light.

Join Anjuna Sa Ran and Jennifer Magdalen for this Sacred Gathering Activation. A ceremony via Zoom and activate your souls highest timeline and evolution.

Next dates are:

  • To be announced soon

The Treasures of the Golden Temples

Awakening Egypt Retreat

Egypt | February 01–11, 2020

We will begin our journey on the divine 02-02-2020 portal with a private sunrise ceremony at the feet of the Sphinx in Gizeh.

On this special day, we will connect ourselves with the high frequency of this holy land and open the portal to receive the ancient wisdom of Egypt. From Gizeh, we will travel to Luxor and board a private boat, a Dahabeya,to travel down the Nile to beautiful Aswan. Every day, we will have private access of different temples and discover the magic of ancient Egpyt. We will reconnect with the powerful Goddesses and Gods of these golden times, for example the Goddesses Isis, Sekhmet, and Hathor as well as the Gods Osiris, Horus and Anubis. We will celebrate sacred ceremonies in their honour to activate the ancient wisdom and codes of Egypt within us.

Mary Magdalene 


Discover the mystery of the Rose Lineage

Mapay Retreat Center, France | October 04-11, 2019

This sacred woman retreat will open the space for the mystery of the Rose Lineage, give you a transmission of the healing and teachings of Mary Magdalene and open your soul and body for the beautiful love of the divine mother.

You will connect deeper with our soul power and all aspects of the sacred feminine within you– the holy, the magic and the wild aspects with. By uncovering all of those aspects you will experience deep healing and activation. 

We will practice dance, yoga and meditation to open our mind, body and spirit for the Christ light, healing and opening for more magic in our life so we may create a new earth.

We will celebrate powerful light rituals and ceremonies in the magical nature of this land and the very spots Mary Magdalene lived and prayed.

Awaken your Inner Healer

The Archetype of Mary Magdalene - Healer Training

The Chettinad, Ibiza | June 08-15, 2019

The Archetype of Maria Magdalena

Allow yourself to receive love and attract loving experiences every day of your beautiful life. We are all spiritual beings who make a human experience on earth. And still, we all have access to higher dimensions, consciousness and divine love. By devoting ourselves to the Higher Self and the light within us, we can discover our healing powers. 
Mary Magdalene is the wife of Yeshua and an initiate of the goddess Isis, a great healer and priestess. She is our source of inspiration and patron for this healing retreat. She will transmit her knowledge to you and initiate you.

The Healing Path of Love

4-day Immersion for the Sacred Feminine and Masculine

Ubud, Bali | May 13-17, 2019

Divine Unity - The Love of Creation

I invite you join me in celebrating the marriage of your inner divine feminine and masculine. Mary Magdalene and Sananda (the Higher Self of Christ) represent the Divine Unity of the sacred woman and sacred man and will be your spiritual guides for THE HEALING PATH OF LOVE. It is the opportunity to heal through spiritual love, supported by angelic guidance and the ascended masters of light.

This immersion is an initiation into the ancient sacred wisdom of healers and priestesses. We will open the gates to receive the new light codes of the sacred creation geometry. You will learn tools and techniques to activate and use your energetic healing powers.

Divine Feminine Healing Retreat

Healing. Spirituality. Creativity

Ubud, Bali | January 21-29, 2019

In the middle of Bali’s beautiful rice fields, in a place of pure beauty and harmony, we enter paradise. We create a "temple of love", in which we experience healing, awakening and reconnecting to the divine mother.

  • We open ourselves to our inner temple of light. The place in us where everything vibrates in harmony with Mother Earth and the Divine Mother.

  • We open our hearts and let go of all that no longer serves us in order to receive holy divine knowledge.

  • We open ourselves to our innermost feminine principle!

Awaken your Inner Healer '18

Healer training | women only

Mandali Retreat Center, Italy | October 22-29, 2018

Allow yourself to receive love and attract loving experiences every day of your beautiful life. We are all spiritual beings who make a human experience on earth. And still, we all have access to higher dimensions, consciousness and divine love. By devoting ourselves to the Higher Self and the light within us, we can discover our healing powers. Mary Magdalene is the wife of Yeshua and an initiate of the goddess Isis, a great healer and priestess. 

Dances for the Divine Mother

Evia, Greece | July 16 - 22, 2018

With Miriam Peretz, featuring Shirin Anjuna 

In this retreat we will dive deep into the soul trait of compassion - connecting to the divine mother, the eternal source of compassion through dance, song and chant. We will open our womb, heart and full being to deep healing through the movement journeys, ocean currents, sisterhood and songs for the mother.  The retreat will culminate in a site-specific prayer-formance of song and dance in the temple of Delphi.  

White Shaman

Bali, Indonesia | April 16 - May 03, 2018

Featuring Frauke Schroth

The White Shaman works with the power of her soul, the power of nature, and the intelligence of the universe. The heavens are guiding her. She is aware of her spiritual power as a human being. She loves to express and experience her beauty through movement and dance. This retreat offers you the chance to connect to our inner White Shaman through spiritual, energetic and mental work combined with bodywork (yoga and dance).