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The White Shaman

Bali, Indonesia | April 26 - Mai 03, 2018

Wild Power and Intuition. The White Shaman connects heaven and earth.

The White Shaman works with the power of her soul, the power of nature, and the intelligence of the universe. The heavens are guiding her. She is aware of her spiritual power as a human being. She loves to express and experience her beauty through movement and dance.

This retreat offers you the chance to connect to our inner White Shaman through spiritual, energetic and mental work combined with bodywork (yoga and dance).

Dolphin Healing Retreat

Sansibar, Africa | January 04-14, 2018 

Crystal Healing. Soul Light Yoga. Meditation. Spiritual Awakening

The New Year Retreat 2018 on Sansibar is under the sign of the Dolphin, which will bring us bliss, blessings, healing and spiritual growth. The retreat will allow you to align yourself for the new year, express and manifest your heart's desire, while letting go of what no longer serves you. It will give you the space and time to reconnect to your inner wisdom. You will dive into your divine capabilities and awaken your individuality and creativity.

Cosmic Earth Healing Retreat

Aegina, Greece | Oktober 15-22, 2017

Connect to Cosmos and Earth. Featuring Special Guest Sound Healer Larissa Israel

The connection to the cosmos opens us, allows us to breathe deeply and reconnects us to our highest self. The connection to Mother Earth allows us to live and grow consciously. The Cosmic Earth Retreat combines both forces - heaven and earth. We will access the cosmic energy through sound and meditation and bring this energy down to earth through dance and yoga. We will create a higher vibration on earth that leads to abundance and a lightful expression of our true being.

For the Love of a Woman - Goddess Retreat

Aegina, Greece | July 03-10, 2017

Awaken the goddess in you!

We will embark on a spiritual journey to our elemental force as women. Every woman is a goddess, remember! We will open ourselves for our intuition, healing powers, creativity. To love and acceptance of your true self. Our guiding goddess for this retreat is Athene, the goddess of widsom. She represents the power of the olympic fire and will initiate us into our healing powers as women and priestresses.

Silence of the Desert Retreat

Merzouga Oasis, Marocco | April, 21-27, 2017

Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awakening, feat. Special Guest Sound Healer Larissa Israel

In silence you can hear your soul and discover its secrets and yearnings. When you see, honor and love our soul, its beautiful light will appear - pure, powerful and beautiful. In the silence of the desert you will discover yourself on all dimensions of your being. You will come closer to your truth in an unforgettable way. In this beautiful space, free of judgement, full of love and trust you can fully open yourself for a deep look inside yourself. 

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