12:12 Portal Activation 

The Heart of the Universe &
The Embodiment of the new Queen & King
of the Golden Age

On December 12th | 12:12 PM – 2.12 PM (CET) | Live from Ibiza via Zoom

The next divine portal is calling us to anchor these union codes deeper into our physical body and into our DNA. The embodiment of the new divine golden queen & king of the one loving heart of all creation is going to merge with the diamond heart of the great cosmic mother and father. This will be an epic experience of deep enlightenment of your heart and will transform you into a cosmic loving heart being.

This amazing portal will enlighten us on how we can work with the codes within our body and how to remove vows, spells, or contracts of distraction or sabotage from this and past lives.

The new queen & king will be ruling the New Golden Age of divine truth and abundance with a pure innocent loving heart of the twin flames energy and divine powers of creation.

The new Golden Age is arising and all souls are called to connect with its original crystalline frequency of the universal creative powers. The clear and pure frequency of crystals has the right power to move you between time and space in such a lightness and clarity so your soul purpose can unfold very easily. When your heart is becoming a rose crystal you are in synchronization of the one loving cosmic heart of all existence. We open for the crystalline structure of your soul in order to bring you back into harmony and realignment with your super soul and all souls.

Set-up: Be in a quiet and comfortable place. Put up a candle and a glass of water. We recommend having a notebook ready to write down your experiences. Important: Please put your microphone on mute. Thank you. 

Energetic exchange is on a donation basis. Recommended are 25 EUR. Everybody pays what is possible. Please send the amount directly to paypal.me/anjunasaran

Please make sure to state the day of the transmission and your name on your transfer. Thank you very much indeed. 

Sign-up below. Once the donation has been transferred, you will receive the link to the Zoom meeting via email 60 min before the meditation. The Golden Temple will open 10 minutes before the meditation. 



Live with joy and love on September 20th from my Golden Isis Temple in Ibiza

September 20th, 2020 | 11 AM – 1/1:30 PM (CET) | via Zoom

I am delighted to be offering an online Satsang & Spiritual Healing Session for the human soul supporting the collective in its divine rising, awakening, healing, and creative expression. 
This channeling events are very powerful and will serve humanity, Mother Earth, and our galaxy. The Satsang helps you to surrender more and more into divine healing and guidance and through this, the collective consciousness can shift easier rising towards acceptance, love, and compassion.

In this beautiful divine gathering, I will function as a spiritual channel of the goddess’ council, the Magdalene’s, the ascended Masters, and the crystalline angelic beings. My service is to anchor more divine light on Earth and to assist human souls to release, to heal, to awaken into the angelic self, and to find the divine purpose on their human journey. You will be showered by divine grace and healing and also can ask questions about spiritual healing and growth. I am happy to channel for you and to assist you on your spiritual path. 

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 17.44.46.png

Soul Light Healing Circles 

It is time for the loving heart to return to the arms of the great Divine Mother. It is time for more acceptance, self-love and devotion to our soul and the loving collective consciousness of creation. For a better world in and around us! Mary Magdalena calls us together to open our cosmic and earthly hearts deeper, to activate our soul and to anchor us stronger in the community of divine light in this challenging time of great transformation of the earth!

Next dates are: 

  • To be announced soon.

Sacred Body Work

I invite you to a very powerful fusion of healing energetic soul work and body work, through movement, yoga & meditation!

This holistic bodywork helps to transform, shift and integrate energies. It invites you to activate the light body (Ka body) and let it shine. Your physical and energetic bodies are brought back into universal balance and your soul gets more space in your temple. You experience your body as a temple of light, as the home of your soul on earth. The reconnection to yourself will bring you back into your power and help you to align yourself clearly.

Next dates are:

  • To be announced soon

All levels welcome.