Sacred Body Work

I invite you to a very powerful fusion of healing energetic soul work and body work, through movement, yoga & meditation!

This holistic bodywork helps to transform, shift and integrate energies. It invites you to activate the light body (Ka body) and let it shine. Your physical and energetic bodies are brought back into universal balance and your soul gets more space in your temple. You experience your body as a temple of light, as the home of your soul on earth. The reconnection to yourself will bring you back into your power and help you to align yourself clearly.

Next dates are:

  • To be announced soon

All levels welcome.

Soul Light Healing Circles 

It is time for the loving heart to return to the arms of the great Divine Mother. It is time for more acceptance, self-love and devotion to our soul and the loving collective consciousness of creation. For a better world in and around us! Mary Magdalena calls us together to open our cosmic and earthly hearts deeper, to activate our soul and to anchor us stronger in the community of divine light in this challenging time of great transformation of the earth!

Next dates are: 

  • To be announced soon.