Goddess Isis Activation @Agape Zoe

Agape Zoe Festival, Berlin | November 17, 10–12h

Goddess Isis is calling us to remember the ancient times of the Golden Temples, when we were embodying the energy of the white priestess/priest.
We were healers, artists, and dancers in her Golden Temple, who embodied pure love and sacred wisdom. We were celebrating creation as we honored our sacred feminine and masculine energy with wisdom through every breath. There are those like Mother Mary, Maria Magdalena, Yeshua and many more, who were initiated as Priestesses and Priests through Isis. The Isis Tribe has its roots in ancient Egypt, Israel, Greece, Avalon, France and Spain.
She is coming back to help us to remember our spirit of community, love and acceptance. She is here to help us find our way back into the one loving heart and the creation energies of the New Earth dream.

Sacred Union –

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua Healing Ceremony

Healing & Light Activation Workshop with the New Codes for the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, with Anjuna Saran and Solomon Michael Nora

Berlin | November 24, 14–17.30h

We invite you to a beautiful mystical soul journey and ceremony into the Sacred Rose Garden of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, where you will receive the new light codes for the Sacred Union of Love for the New Earth Dream. The Source itself is asking us to harmonize and to heal the inner sacred Feminine & Masculine. There is a universal calling for all of us, to receive the sacred union, for ourselves and for the collective. The One Loving Heart is singing the song of beauty and abundance and the New Paradise is waiting for you to enter with your beloved. It is time to open for the Divine Union Energy within us, to heal the inner feminine and masculine deeper and open for the divine dance of unconditional love and acceptance:


  • to surrender fully into the arms off the divine mother and father

  • to overcome the fear of control and judgment.

  • to forgive and heal the wounds from old attachments, which are rooted in the past.


Join us if you feel the call to look deeper into your soul, discover your full potential and enter the new golden age of abundance and higher wisdom. You will receive the Egyptian Light Codes (Golden Christ Codes) and upgrade your human being into a cosmic being. It will bring more light, freedom, magic and unconditional love into your life. When you are ready for the inner alchemy of love, the Golden Christ Light can enter your system and elevate you into your true self.


The Christ consciousness is deeply rooted in ancient Egypt. It is time to remember this consciousness and integrate it into our modern day life. Through the dimensions, into Gaia, into our wombs and into our hearts as we gather in sacred ceremony for the cosmic integration of the codes of Rose and the Rose Lineage. Through the embodiment of the codes and Mary Magdalene and Jesus Sananda we open circle in sacred union for an evening of meditation, journeying, light activation and divine union. Through the holy rose oil from Egypt and the holy waters from the Chalice Well in Avalon, we will serve the blessings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Sananda (Yeshua).


  • Gentle movements and breath work to awake our kundalini and activate our chakras. 

  • Opening our voice and freeing our soul trough soul singing and light language.

  • An angelic mediation with crystal bowls and light language.

  • Lucid dreaming will allow you to create a new manifestation for your life, in harmony, peace, abundance and empowerment.

  • Prayers for our souls and mother earth.


We look forward to a magical journey with you.


November 24, 2019 | 14 – 17.30h | Divine Mother Temple, Fehrbelliner Straße 86, Berlin

Energetic Exchange | 80 EUR | please transfer to paypal.me/anjunasaran to register

Please come in light clothes and bring a small offering for the altar.

Read more about Solomon: www.solomonmichaelnora.com

Sacred Body Work

Every Saturday 11–12.30h

I invite you to a very powerful fusion of healing energetic soul work and body work, through movement, yoga & meditation!

This holistic bodywork helps to transform, shift and integrate energies. It invites you to activate the light body (Ka body) and let it shine. Your physical and energetic bodies are brought back into universal balance and your soul gets more space in your temple. You experience your body as a temple of light, as the home of your soul on earth. The reconnection to yourself will bring you back into your power and help you to align yourself clearly.

Next dates are:

  • October 26

  • November 2

  • November 23

  • November 30

  • December 14

  • December 21 

All levels welcome.

The classes take place at Panta Rhei, Choriner Straße 52, Berlin.

Energetic exchange 15 EUR.

Soul Light Healing Circles 

Every Wednesday 19–21.30h

It is time for the loving heart to return to the arms of the great Divine Mother. It is time for more acceptance, self-love and devotion to our soul and the loving collective consciousness of creation. For a better world in and around us! Mary Magdalena calls us together to open our cosmic and earthly hearts deeper, to activate our soul and to anchor us stronger in the community of divine light in this challenging time of great transformation of the earth!

Next dates are: 

  • October 30

  • November 06

  • November 20

  • November 27

  • December 04

  • December 11

  • December 18


Spots are limited. Please register via the form below.

All circles take place at the Divine Mother Temple, Fehrbelliner Straße 86, Berlin.

Energetic exchange 30 EUR. 

Please bring a small offering to the altar or for the community .